Kamel Belhamel

FORCE11 Member since April 23, 2017


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Kamel Belhamel  is currently a Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Bejaia, Algeria, Head of Organic Materials Laboratory: (http://univ-bejaia.dz/lmo)  and Editor in chief of Algerian Journal of Natural Products: www.univ-bejaia.dz/ajnp (E-ISSN: 2353-0391). He was graduated in Chemistry at the University of Setif- Algeria and achieved his PhD at the same University in the field of Process Engineering and Chemistry of Materials. He has taken part to several international projects such as: Italian project, German – DAAD, French- Algerian framework programme CMEP and co-ordinator of several Algerian national research projects, CNEPRU, PNR). His  scientific activities are focused on Open Access; Open Science;   the chemistry of macrocycles; Solvent extraction of metal ions from ores and waste solutions; Extraction and study of chemical composition from plant extract; Electrodeposition of metals and alloys. He is author/co-author of  more 20 scientific papers in international scientific journals and  he has also presented more than 50 abstract books at local and international conferences. In 2015, he was the Chairman of the the 5th National Conference on the Polymer Science (http://univ-bejaia.dz/ajnp/index.php/ajnp/issue/view/19). He has supervised numerous PhD/MA/MBA students in the fields of  the Separation process using natural products, Phytochemistry, Environmental impact and risk assessment.  He is also currently supervising numerous students at the MA and PhD levels. Now, he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Technology, the Algerian Chemical Society and Training Manager of Master of Science: pharmaceutical processes at the University of Bejaia.  He was appointed since June 2016 as the DOAJ Ambassador for North Africa (https://doajournals.wordpress.com/2016/09/07/the-doaj-ambassadors-biogra... ).