Maggie Hellstrom

FORCE11 Member since June 20, 2018
  • Organization/Institution: Lund University


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Dr. Margareta Hellstrom (female), Nuclear Chemistry PhD (1992), Chemical engineering M.Sc. (1988). Associate Professor in Physics at Lund University since 2000. Currently active at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science at Lund University, working as senior data manager at the ICOS data center Carbon Portal. Margareta represents ICOS in European projects including ENVRIPLUS and EOSC Hub, working on research data management issues such as data identification and citation, metadata and cataloguing, and service validation and evaluation. She is also acting as a liaison between the CP and external e-infrastructure partners, like CDI (formerly EUDAT) and EGI. Appointed SPARC Europe Open Data Champion in 2017. Starting as environmental domain specialist to the Swedish National Data service (SND) from 2018. Actively involved in several RDA working and interest groups (data collections, PID kernel information, data fabric), and co-chair of the RDA Europe Group of European Data Experts (GEDE).