Mario David

FORCE11 Member since May 18, 2021


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Mario David is a research associate at LIP. He holds a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics from the University of Lisbon.
Member of EOSC-Synergy project, Task leader of "Consolidation of an EOSC Software Maturity baseline".
Member of the DEEP-Hybrid-Datacloud project, Work Package leader of “Testbed and integration with EOSC services”.
Member of IndigoDatacloud EU project, Task leader of “Pilot Services”.
Member of European Grid Infrastructure (EGI-Engage) EU project, Lifewatch (biodiversity) competence center and the Federated Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure task.
Member of “National Computing Distributed Infrastructure” He held a research associate position at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP/CNRS) as Scientific Software Developer for the VERCE project, in particular in the data intensive use cases for seismology.
Previously he held positions as Post-Doc and research associate at LIP participating in FP6 and FP7 projects such as DataGRID, CROSSRID, EGEE I-III, Int.EU.GRID and EGI. Also participated in WLCG and Ibergrid.
Throughout those projects, he was actively involved in the Validation, Quality Assurance and testing of middleware, in regional and global operations.
He has held coordination of the task Service Deployment and Validation in EGI. He has over 20 publications in peer review journals and over 35 communications in international conferences.