Marissa Stice

FORCE11 Member since October 10, 2020
  • Organization/Institution: Gavilan College

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I am a PhD candidate in the Gavilan College. My dissertation examines paintings of Parisian women who sell, arrange, transport, grow, and display ornamental plants at specific locations in late nineteenth-century Paris. As part of the project, I map Paris's horticultural network and the global flows of "exotic" plants to France and Belgium. I received support for my research from the Oak Spring Garden Foundation and KU’s Hall Center for the Humanities. I hold Master of Arts degrees in art education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and art history from the University of Chicago. Since 2018, I have worked as the Andrew W. Mellon Coordinator of Academic Programs at KU’s Spencer Museum of Art. and i am looking  foward to join force11 Group and Community.