Melissa Haendel

FORCE11 Member since August 13, 2012


Melissa is an active participant in the Force11 community; she is on the executive board, chaired the Force2016 conference, was the program chair for Force2015, and currently co-leads the Attribution WG. Melissa also co-leads the Monarch Initiative, which aims to provide open integrated access to model organism and human phenotype-genotype data for the purposes of disease hypothesis exploration. She also participates in the Open Research Information Framework, an community standard designed to collect and disseminate information about all types of scholarly products (such as code, material resources, etc.) and the contribution roles that scholars have in their generation. She also participates in development of interoperability standards such as the new Phenopackets ph enotype Exchange Standard, is an OBO Foundry coordinator, and is on the International Society for Biocuration executive board. Her research interests are in using semantic technologies to promote open and synthetic science though connections within biomedical data, and pushing towards a cultural shift to use of information science during the course of research for more effective science, publication of science, and collaborative science practices.

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