Natasha Simons

FORCE11 Member since August 20, 2017


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Natasha Simons is Associate Director, Data & Services, for the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). With a background in libraries, IT and eResearch, Natasha has a history of developing policy, technical infrastructure (with a focus on persistent identifiers) and skills to support research. She works with a variety of people and groups to improve data management skills, platforms, policies and practices. Based at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, Natasha is co-chair of the Research Data Alliance Interest Group on Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation, Deputy Chair of the Australian ORCID Advisory Group and co-chair of the DataCite Community Engagement Steering Group. She has delivered the FAIR Data in the Scholarly Communications Lifecycle course at the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute (FSCI) every year since 2017. Natasha is co-author of a 2013 book on research data and repositories and has published many journal articles including master guidelines for journal data policies co-authored with collaborators from the Research Data Alliance. She is passionate about enabling FAIR data and a corresponding change in scholarly communication culture.