Nicole Vasilevsky

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Nicole received her PhD in Cell Biology in 2009 from Oregon Health & Science University, where she studied protein signaling in a cancer immunotherapy model. She has a BA in Biology from Reed College, in Portland, Oregon.
Nicole Vasilevsky is a biocurator and ontologist in the Translational and Integrative Sciences Lab at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. 
Nicole's resarch focuses on development and application of semantic technologies to facilitate new knowledge discovery and promote scientific reproducibility. She develops biomedical ontologies and data standards for phenotypes, diseases and related biomedical domains with the goal of improving disease diagnostics and health outcomes. Other areas of her work including developing methods and best practices with respect to data integration and data quality. She has made significant contributions to science in the area of scientific reproducibility, demonstrating a lack of uniquely identifying information in methods sections in publications, as well an evaluation of current journals data sharing policies. With regard to clinical and translational impact, she has contributed to layperson accessible phenotyping standards and clinical phenotyping and disease diagnosis through her work with the Monarch Initiative, and the Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Center. She contributes to the Architecting Attribution and Edu-harmonization projects as part of the CTSA National Center for Data to Health Initiative.
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