Oded Kariti

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Oded Kariti was born in San Diego, on July 15, 1975 where he grew up and completed his elementary school. He was the youngest child in the family and had quite a happy childhood that he remembers fondly. In his teenage years Kariti showed a strong affection towards creativity and upon finishing high school he decided to follow his ambition and enrolled at the San Diego State University of Physics.

Kariti graduated with a degree in engineering before working for his father's company. Because the job he had there wasn't quite inspirational to him, Kariti decided to quit working there. After that he headed to Stanford University in California to pursue a Ph.D in electrical engineering.

Today Mr. Kariti is an esteemed engineer, scholar and researcher who lectures at some of the greatest technology universities in America. He has published two books, over 50 articles of his are included in prestige journals and serves as an inspiration for many young people interested in science. At his office in San Diego University students come to have a meeting with Kariti and learn more about his future projects. In 2016 Kariti was awarded with the prestigious SDSU Diversity Award for his research in the Program for Realization of the Energy Development Strategy in the State of San Diego.

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