Rowan Cockett

FORCE11 Member since April 19, 2016
  • Organization/Institution: Aranz Geo
  • ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7859-8394
  • Twitter: @rowancockett
  • Website:


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Rowan Cockett is the founder and CTO of 3point Science (acquired by Aranz Geo in 2016), a company building web-based visualization software for the geoscience industry, including Steno3D. Rowan is also a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, where he is researching a numerical framework aimed at increasing quantitative communication in the geosciences developed through his studies on numerical geophysics, subsurface flow, and structural geology. Rowan is interested in the intersection of education, industry, and academia and seeing what happens when you make powerful scientific modeling, visualization and communication tools accessible through the web. Much of his research is accessible through an open source software initiative for geophysical simulations and parameter estimation (SimPEG) and an open website for geoscience modeling (Visible Geology).