Sabine Louet

FORCE11 Member since May 18, 2016

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Sabine Louet is a media entrepreneur and an experience science communicator, science journalist, editor and consultant based in Dublin, Ireland.


Sabine has built a career in science and technology publishing in the past 15 years. She was previously News Editor for the international peer-reviewed journal Nature Biotechnology. She is currently the Editor of EuroScientist (, a policy magazine published by EuroScience (, a grassroots organisation of European researchers and people with an interest about the interface between science and society.


In 2014, she founded a start-up called SciencePOD ( )—which stands for Science Prose On-Demand. SciencePOD  is an open access platform for science communication, which helps create bespoke magazines and a la carte selection of articles to raise the profile of the work done by researchers, doctors, engineers and technology experts.