Sean Boisen

FORCE11 Member since February 21, 2017

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Sean Boisen is the Senior Information Architect at Faithlife, the leading publisher of multilingual software for Bible study and platform provided for church and Christian ministry. At Faithlife, Sean is leading the development of semantic knowledgebases for reference, visualization, navigation, and digital library integration, as well as other activities in text and natural language processing.

Before joining Faithlife in 2007, Sean was a senior scientist and director in Human Language Technology at BBN Technologies, a high-tech research and development company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In his 19 years with BBN, Sean worked in Natural Language Processing, text categorization and retrieval, and speech to text transcription, primarily serving the federal R&D market. His other professional interests include Semantic Web technologies, information visualization, digital resources for Biblical studies, and distance education. Sean holds a MA in computational linguistics from UCLA.