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Tirthankar is a doctoral researcher at the Elsevier Centre of Excellence for Natural Language Processing in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna, India and currently in his fourth year of PhD. He is a Scholarly Language Processing researcher. He is working towards bringing AI more close to the academic peer review system so as to usher more transparency to scholarly communications and also speed up the overall peer review process. He is the key research fellow in the academic collaboration of IIT Patna with Elsevier. He is currently visiting the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US to investigate certain challenging problems in Publication Mining. Tirthankar's work is at the intersection of NLP, ML with Digital Libraries and he has published papers in well-known NLP and Scholarly Data Mining venues like ICON, LREC, JCDL, WOSP, COLING, IJCNN, NLE, etc. He is also an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering in Sikkim Manipal University, India and is currently on academic leave to pursue his Ph.D. from IIT Patna. An AI assisting editors and reviewers to make wise decisions in a reasonable time frame is what his primary investigation objective.