Todd Kesterson

FORCE11 Member since October 3, 2015

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Todd Kesterson has taught in the New Media Communications Program since 2004. He currently teaches courses in media aesthetics, video production, pre-production, 3D modeling and animation, experimental animation and the history of computer animation. Prior to starting at OSU, he taught in the Art Department at the University of Oregon. 

He worked professionally in the field of computer animation since 1990 on a wide range of projects for advertising, entertainment, and educational purposes. His work has been featured at SIGGRAPH (international computer graphics conference), Caesars Palace (Las Vegas), Sea World (Florida and San Diego) and on National Geographic Television.

Kesterson holds a BFA in Visual Design from the University of Oregon, an MS in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon University, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

His personal creative work explores the relationship between internal and external landscapes and our interwoven connections with time, place and community. Research interests include immersive education and spatial storytelling.