Using twitter for submitting work progress and achievements

Every university or science organisation must have an automated twitter machine. The server will be based on linux open source software which "reads" tweets. A registered user on that server can submit ideas, papers or ask for help. The tweets should be with specific format: subject, area, title, link. These metadata can be increased, depending on the needs of the organisation. E.g. for a tweet: "Safety, Electromagnetic fields, "Electromagnetic pollution in plural areas", <short link to the article>. The machine automatically downloads the paper from the link and increases the index of its database. The index of the database is based on a topics, fields and authors. Subscribers to specific topics will be informed for an answer or new papers on that subject. That system will be useful for solving particular problems or sharing resources and ideas. Later, if a specific problem is solved, the machine can help generate papers ready for publishing, because it collects the shared papers on a specific topic and includes the authors on a ready for submitting template. Servers in different organisations can be connected (linked) by providing their tweeter name. That is how its databases can be extended and authors from different institutions can share ideas, solve problems and contribute to a research.
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